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Underwater Themed Villa

Emirates Hills
8 beds
10 baths
40,000 sq ft


This magnificent home is a true reflection of opulence and grandeur, exuding an aura of tranquillity and relaxation in every corner. The interior design of the house is remarkable, with a unique underwater theme that is sure to transport you to a world of enchantment and beauty. With splendid crystal chandeliers resembling sea shells, large aquariums housing tropical fish and a spectacular staircase chandelier reminiscent of bubbles rising in water, every detail has been carefully curated to transport you into a realm of aquatic bliss. The house is designed to promote health and well-being, with ample natural light and fresh air flowing through the rooms and living spaces. The colour white dominates the interiors, bringing a sense of purity and calm to the space. The owners of the house were intimately involved in the ideation, collaborating with talented Italian and Indian designers to create a masterpiece that is both visually stunning and functional.

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